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Global Fruit Group is the result of 40 years of multidirectional activity in the fruit and vegetables sector. We are designating Global Fruit Group as the name for our entire system of business and organizational relationships, both national and international, that are established around Hermanos Fernández López and that give life to a dense network of wholesale distributors of Fruit and Vegetables.

Global Fruit Group is born of the enterprising vocation of an organization that knows no borders in discovering and connecting opportunities for marketing fresh fruit and vegetables from anywhere in the world.


Global Fruit Group organizes a multitude of international locations, a multitude of suppliers and customers, a multitude of processes in the chain of production and distribution, a multitude of people and a multitude of products.


Global Fruit Group is also a philosophy for business development whose objective is to create value in the entire system that comprises it, creating value in the production, creating value in the quality and manufacturing of the product, and creating value in the promotion and distribution for the retail client.


The desire to know and improve each of the elements of this system has made Hermanos Fernández López evolve towards a more global and dynamic organization, forming a new business model that is integral and futuristic. Fernández Global Fruit Group.


Years of experience in the fruit and vegetables sector.


Product families of fruit and vegetables from all over the world.


Customers in our business network.


Thousand tons of product sales volume.

Customer info

Providing the best service to our customers has always been one of our priorities. We have grown insofar as covering the demands of our customers, expanding our range of products, being competitive and creating value in service…

Suppliers info

We are one of the best wholesale distribution platforms in the Spanish market. With more than 5000 customers, we provide services to every aspect of the retail sector, supermarkets, produce store chains, hotels and caterers…