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In accordance with the decrees in Spain’s Organic Law 15/1999, the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD in Spain) its implementing regulation, and Spain’s LSSICE 34/2002, dated July 11, the Society Services of Information and Electronic Commerce, HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A., in adherence to what was arranged in articles 5 and 6 of Protection of Personal Data, informs all users that provide or will provide their personal data, that these will be added to an automated file that is duly registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


The users expressly, freely, and unequivocally accept that their personal data will be managed by HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. to perform the following objectives:


  1. Cross-referencing of advertising commercial communications by e-mail, fax, text message, MMS, social communities or any other electronic or physical medium, in the present or future, that enables the performance of commercial communications, as long as it has been previously authorized by checking the authorization box on the website form. These commercial communications will be related to products or services offered by HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. as well as by collaborators or partners who have an agreement with said party for commercial promotion among their customers. In this sense, third parties will never have access to personal data. In all cases, commercial communications will be carried by HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. and will regard products and services related to the sector of HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A.
  2. Perform statistical studies.
  3. Process orders, applications, or any type of request that is completed by the user through any contact method made available to the user at HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A.


HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. expressly informs and guarantees the users that under no circumstances will their personal data be provided to third party companies, and that should some type of personal data disclosure be performed, the express, informed, and unequivocal consent would be previously requested on part of the account owners.


By way of the completion and delivery of corresponding forms on this website, the user accepts and authorizes that their personal data are subject to automated processing on the part of HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. Should you include data of a personal nature in this website’s forms, third party owners must, prior to including it, obtain your consent and provide the information contained within the previous paragraphs. In the event a cross-border transfer of information occurs, the user must check the box for expressly that purpose.


All details requested through HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. are compulsory, as they are necessary for optimal delivery of service to the user. In the event that all details are not provided, HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. does not guarantee that the information and services provided will be completely in accordance with your needs.


HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. guarantees the user the exercise of rights of access, correction, cancellation, information and objection, with the terms provided in the current legislation. For this reason, in accordance with the decrees in Organic Law 15/1999, of Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) you will be able to exercise your rights by completing and submitting an application, together with a copy of your ID, through the following methods:


  1. E-Mail:
  2. Postal address: C/ LONGITUDINAL, 7. NO. 83 (MERCABARNA) – 08040 BARCELONA
  3. Similarly, the user may cancel any subscription services by sending an e-mail to:


Similarly, HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. has adopted all organized technical measures to guarantee the security and integrity of the personal data it handles, in addition to avoiding its loss, alteration, and/or access on part of unauthorized third parties.


HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. uses fail-safe information security techniques that are industry accepted, such as firewalls, control access procedures, and cryptography mechanisms, with the objective of avoiding unauthorized access to data. To that end, the user/customer accepts that the lender obtains data for the purpose of authentication for access controls.

Industry and intellectual property

This website is owned by HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. The rights of Intellectual Property, use, and reproduction of this website, of its pages, screens, information contained, appearance and design, as well as the links (” hyperlinks “) established from it to other websites or affiliated company and/or owned by HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A., are exclusive property of HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A., unless otherwise expressly specified. Any denomination, design and/or logo, as well as any product or service offered or related to this website, are brands duly registered by HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A., by its affiliated and/or controlled companies, or by third parties. Any improper use of the same by people other than the legitimate owner and without the express and unequivocal consent on the part of the same, may be reported and prosecuted through all existing legal means through the Spanish Legal System or community.


Intellectual property rights and third-party brands are conveniently highlighted and must be respected by all who access this page. Any activity performed by the user in this regard falls exclusively on that person, and is not the responsibility of HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A.


The contents of this website may be downloaded, copied, or printed for private and personal use only. It is forbidden to reproduce, transmit, modify or erase information, content or warnings from this website without the previous authorization in writing from HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A..


The contents provided by HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. are subject to intellectual and industrial property rights and are exclusively owned by HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. or the individuals or legal entities indicated. Through the acquisition of a product or service, HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. does not give the buyer any right of alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of the same, reserving all rights for HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A.. The relinquishment of the aforementioned rights will require the prior written consent of the account owner, such that the customer may not make said contents available to third parties.


In addition to the included contents of HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A., the intellectual property extends to the graphics, logos, designs, images and source codes used for its programming.


HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. has obtained the Information and included materials on the website from sources considered reliable and, although reasonable measures have been taken to insure that the information contained is correct, HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. cannot guarantee that, at all times and under all circumstances, this information is accurate, complete, updated and, consequently, it should not be relied upon as if it were. HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. expressly declines any responsibility through error or omission of the information contained in the pages of this website.


HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the site content, links, or the information obtained through it, without need of prior notice. Under no circumstances do they assume any responsibility resulting from the user’s incorrect use of the website, with regard to the information as well as the services in its contents.


Under no circumstances will HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A., their branch offices and/or work centers, their directors and/or proxies, employees, and, in general, authorized personnel be responsible for any type of damage, losses, complaints or expenses of any kind, whether they proceed, directly or indirectly, from the use and/or promotion of the website or from the acquired or accessed information from or through it, from its computer viruses, operational errors, or interruptions in service or transmission, or from online errors during the use of the website, as much by direct connection, link or other means, constituting, for all intents and purposes, legal notice to any user that these possibilities and events can occur.


HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. does not take responsibility for websites they do not own but can access through links or connections (” hyperlink “), or of any content made available by third parties. Any use of a link or access to an unowned website will be carried out at the exclusive enterprise, discretion and risk of the user. HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. does not recommend nor guarantee any of the information obtained through a link, nor accepts responsibility of any loss, complaint, or damage derived from the use or misuse of a link, or of information obtained through it, including other links or websites, the interruption in service or access, or the attempt to use or misuse a link, as much by connecting to the website of HERMANOS FERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ, S.A. as by accessing the information of other websites from it.

Applicable law

The applicable law in the event of dispute or conflict in the interpretation of the terms that constitute this Privacy Policy, as well as any questions related to the services of the current website, will be the Spanish law.