Our steadfast commitment to food safety and the exhaustive control of all our organizational operations have allowed us to obtain distinct certifications that guarantee the quality of our products and all of the processes we develop.

For this reason, our quality department performs rigorous controls in both merchandise receiving and customer shipping, always offering cooperative service for the awareness and specifications of the product. Similarly, we periodically check the compliance of operational standards within the organization.


The quality and safety of our products is a necessary prerequisite that also compels us to monitor our suppliers. We periodically visit their facilities, validate their organization’s certifications, and perform a standardization process that confirms their fulfillment to our standards.


IFS Wholesale / Cash& Carry Certification (Advanced Level).

Leading international standard for quality audits and food safety of nutritional products. Applies to all phases of the food chain and certifies the evaluation of all organizational systems with a global and uniform approach.


Monitoring of areas including managerial responsibility, quality management systems, resource management, planning and production processing, tracking, management of food safety warnings, improvements plans, etc… Standards that designate us as a responsible organization in the distribution and marketing of fruit and vegetable products.


Operator and Packaging Certificate of environmentally-friendly products by the CCPAE.

Taking responsibility for our commitment to environmental protection, we use environmentally-friendly products from organic farming, in other words, agriculture that is free of synthetic chemical substances (pesticides, fertilizers or drugs). The fruits and vegetables are produced respecting their natural growth rate, and are cultivated without additional substances or artificial additives.


This certification has the seal and numeric code from the CCPAE regulatory body, and the European logo (Euroleaf).


Certificate: “Potato Handling System” from Herbert Engineering®.

Our processing facilities for potatoes and onions were the first in Spain, in 1995, to obtain the certificate, “Potato Handling System” from Herbert Engineering® which guarantees the potatoes do not suffer damages throughout the process of washing, packing and packaging, allowing for optimal quality and durability.


Members of the 5 A Day organization.

Committed to promoting the benefits of the consumption of fruit and vegetables, we are members of the 5 a Day Organization. We are responsible for promoting the daily consumption of these products to the general population, especially children and youth.


This association promotes the improvement of healthy eating habits in our society. Its name is based on the minimum portion of daily consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables recommended by the scientific and medical community for a healthy diet.


This message is conveyed through both awareness campaigns in schools and the communication media.


Fair Trade Certification.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility brought about the initiative to promote the Fairtrade Mark, based on a business partnership between producers, distributors and consumers. It offers local producers from developing countries a better deal and more profitable business conditions to improve economic, social, and environmental long-term development of their business and their communities.


Rainforest Certification

Products that display this seal come from farms or forests certified with Rainforest Alliance. These farms or forests are managed in accordance with rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria designed to conserve wildlife, protect lands and waterways, ensure the well-being of workers, their families and the local communities, as well as improve their livelihoods in order to achieve real sustainability in the long term.


Members of Ecoembes Organization.

We contribute to this organization by protecting the environment through recycling and eco-design of packaging in Spain. They make it possible for plastic, cardboard and paper containers to have a second life.


Through their activities, they look to ensure sustainable development regarding container waste and treatment in the short and long term, given current and future societal demands.