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Providing the best service to our customers has always been one of our priorities. Our measure of how we cover our customer’s demands has grown, expanding the range of products, being competitive and creating value in service.

The evolution of the sector has been configuring our role in the wholesale distribution offering alternatives in the commercial relationship. At present we provide personalized attention for each client profile with which we work. In person we serve retail customers who buy in the central markets where we are present. From our department of attention to wholesalers we use digital means that make possible the expeditions to other geographical areas. For the attention to the retail profile we offer the service of our specialized department where we respond to all the operational needs that are required.

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Over time, we have furnished the organization with all necessary resources to guarantee quality service. We rely on the best facilities for the correct preservation of our products. We carry out strict quality controls in receiving merchandise from our suppliers and shipping to our customers, always with detailed records for tracking the product.


We have developed a wide range of manufacturing formats to adapt the product to customer needs: flow packs, trays, baskets, tubs, etc; with the adaptability of working with our own or our customer’s brands.


To provide the best service to our customers, we collaborate with them in managing promotional events and projects that help boost product sales and brands we represent.


Finally, we highlight the faithful commitment of our organization to continue to improve and offer quality service to constitute a business relationship based on the satisfaction and confidence of our customers.

Would like to know about our product offers in detail?

If you are a wholesaler or represent a chain of supermarkets, contact us through the following e-mail and we will respond to your request.

If want to make purchases for a produce market or catering service, contact us at our points of sale.

Barcelona, pavilion B

Barcelona, pavilion E

Barcelona, pavilion F

Central market in Lleida

Mercat del Camp


Alicante warehouse store


Orihuela market


Want to promote our products in your establishment?

Promotion for wholesale markets
Promotion for produce markets
Promotion for supermarkets

Some of the brands that promote with our collaboration:
F.lliOrsero | Marlene | Zespri | Pink Lady | Blue Whale | Kanzi | Cuqui

Would like to promote any of the brands we distribute, contact us.

Want to receive promotional products to decorate your store?

Collaborate with the best brands to circulate promotional material that will help you highlight the product from your establishment. If want to receive information on which promotional materials we can send you to decorate your points of sale, contacts us.

Want receive our notifications about new products and start of season/campaign?

We regularly send customers who request it an informative flash mail with products that start the season and/or new products introduced into the market. If you want to sign up and receive this information, you only need to tell us.