As every year, Hnos. Fernández celebrated his Business Convention; a day where all the management team, the commercial team, the marketing department and middle management of the organization meet.

This year the event was attended by the top management of Grupo Orsero, the guests made a general presentation of the company and explained to the entire Fernández team some relevant milestones of the company in all the countries where they operate.

The results of the previous exercise were presented at the event, an assessment was made from different perspectives and the objectives were set for 2019 based on the strategic lines of the commercial team.

Each one of the Product Managers makes an exhibition where they summarize the keys of the completed exercise and project the strategy for the next campaign.

It is a day that we use to reaffirm and consolidate our values ​​and principles as an organization, highlighting the importance of operating as a team.

The convention ended with a meal with all the attendees. One more year we all celebrate together the achievement of the goals set for 2018 and we work closely to meet the challenges of this new year 2019.