Ecological products & Biomarket

Responding to our commitment to the protection of the environment and health of our consumers, we have an Operator and Packaging Certificate of Environmentally-friendly Products from the CCPAE.

We sell environmentally-friendly products from ecological agriculture, in other words, agriculture that is free of synthetic chemical substances (pesticides, fertilizers or drugs). The fruits and vegetables are produced respecting their natural growth rate, and are cultivated without additional substances or artificial additives.

This certification is recognized by the seal and numeric code from the CCPAE regulatory body, and the European logo (Euroleaf).

In our ecologically certified range of products we offer Plátanos de Canarias, Kiwis, Apples, Bananas, Pears, Tomatoes, Coconuts, etc. Our intent is to expand this product range by collaborating with new ecologically producing farmers, thus expanding our service for all our customers that promote the sale of these products.

If you want information about our products or you are an ecological producer, you can write to us at:

Fernández at biomarket

The biomarket is the largest wholesale market for organic products in Europe, which is located in the Mercabarna site (Barcelona). Our presence in the biomarket is a commitment to a project to promote the Bio product that we consider a business line to promote. We are convinced that it contributes to the sustainable development of agriculture and the defense of the environment in general, in addition to providing a healthy diet to consumers. Within the Fernández biomarket it has 3 stalls and extensive facilities, which is why we have two business channels for organic products, on the one hand, with wholesale sales and, on the other, as an export warehouse. In this way, we serve organic products throughout the national territory as well as exports to clients in the European market.

We are distributors of the main BIO brands:

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