We believe in our brands as a distinctive value to the products we sell. Brands represent the exclusivity of a work model, in which every supplier identifies their products by contributing the added value they wish to convey: good quality, freshness, geographical location, continuity, etc.

With that in mind, we create our own array of brands. Different brands are associated with some of our products, and we wanted to find a standardization for quality and range. With our brands, we are able to identify a quality standard that guarantees our customers a steady supply of the same product but from different points of origin.


Behind each of these brands, there are certification parameters that validate the selection of each product. At the same time, every brand represents distinctive values.


Our brands are presented in a multitude of packaging formats such as boxes, stickers, trays, mesh, baskets, etc. In essence, we have a collection of supports to promote quality of service.

Orsero is our extra premium brand, its image represents the supply chain from production to consumer. responds to the seriousness of an international coordination work to supply our products from all parts of the world.

Under the Orsero brand we find a wide range of products in which the firm is committed to always guaranteeing quality: bananas, pineapples, apples, melons, watermelons, avocados, mangoes, kiwis, ginger, etc

The Cuqui brand maintains a fresh style, with striking colors and floral icons. It aims to convey closeness and naturalness, along with confidence and continuity. The main product that this brand features is the Plátano de Canarias. With it, we attempt to convey the close relationship our company has with the primary product we market.

The Cuqui range is also complemented by other products such as potatoes, onions, citrus fruits, avocados, mangoes, papayas, etc.

Cuqui BIO is our brand to dress the products we sell from Ecological production.

With it we distribute seasonal fruits and vegetables grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. No pesticides or chemical synthesis treatments have been added to the growing processes and they do not contain genetically  modified organisms.

The Sabrosa brand is the result of our experience in the field of processing and packaging potatoes. As the slogan says “From farm to table,” we work so that Sabrosa potatoes always arrive to your home in optimally preserved condition for your consumption.

The Sabrosa brand maintains a rustic and artisanal character, in sync with the labor of control and care for the production, preservation, and packaging of our potatoes. Always searching for the finest quality and features for your kitchen.

The BONGUST brand is synonymous with selected quality. BONGUST is Catalan for Good Taste. It offers exactitude in preparation, with the primary aim of providing a product with guaranteed flavor and perfect preservation.

Under this brand, we can find a myriad of products: citrus fruits, watermelons, melons, coconuts, ginger, beans, padrón peppers, etc. We can say that BONGUST has established itself in the market as a brand that provides maximum confidence to our customers.

Campera is a brand intended for economic quality, where the selection standards are more adapted to a product prepared directly from the land. With CAMPERA, we prepare a myriad of products that are very competitive in the market.

Other brands distributed

In addition to our own brands, we are distributors of major, internationally recognized brands such as: