In order to guarantee the regular supply and quality of our product, the Group directly participates in production. Both commercial farming properties and operating partnerships practice supply control of primary products that are sold.

Such is the case with Plátanos de Canarias, where in addition to the business relationships it keeps with different producer organizations for its steady supply, our company has a direct presence in production by way of its subsidiary, ISA PLATANOS, which produces in different plantations across Tenerife (Canary Islands). Our company has a presence with responsible parties in the area for acquisition of the product, operational control, and a relationship with farmers.

For banana production, the Group participates with a production company in Costa Rica. That is where bananas are cultivated year-round with our brands FratelliOrsero and Simba. Likewise, some of the avocados sold come from our plantations in Mexico. The amount of land reaches 4,500 hectares, of which 2,500 are already in production.


Besides our own production, the Group has subsidiaries in primary source countries that safeguard and supervise correct production practices, harvesting, and packaging, to guarantee the finest quality of the product.