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We are one of the best wholesale distribution platforms in the Spanish market. With more than 5000 customers, we provide services to every aspect of the retail sector, supermarkets, produce market chains, hotels and caterers. Moreover, we distribute to an important portfolio of wholesalers that operate in areas where we do not have a presence.

Our vision is to become a perfect network of promotion and distribution for the products that our suppliers consign to us. With coordinated efforts, we establish marketing strategies that best adapt to our range of products, and we stay in constant communication regarding our management results to ensure that we achieve the campaign’s top objectives.

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With installations larger than 40,000 square meters and a team of 740 people, we put ourselves at the service of suppliers and customers by connecting the needs of both. We dispense the necessary added value to both distribution and product, in order to make distribution, the finest preservation, strict quality controls, new marketing formats, and the best response from all the professionals that work with us more efficient.


Our business and marketing departments prepare promotional plans to position our supplier’s brands at the required level. We plan promotional activities at our points of sale to generate attention to the product, such as tasting events, informational events for ad campaigns, promotional support during sales, free gifts, etc. In sum: preparation, supervision, and execution of a marketing plan for each product selected.


40 years of experience have made our organization the best reliable partner that national and international suppliers from the fruit and vegetables sector can count on who want to efficiently incorporate their products into the Spanish market.

Are you interested in having us distribute your products?

By using the following e-mail address, you can contact us and provide a brief description of your organization and the contact person who we should speak with to explore different options for collaboration.

Do you want to know more about our collaboration marketing for your products?

In coordinated efforts with our suppliers, we establish marketing objectives for their brands or products, prepare the action plan that is most adaptable to these objectives, and supervise the execution of the plan. Finally, we perform a joint assessment of the different campaigns we carry out. If you would like to know more, write to:

Standardization of suppliers

We accredit our suppliers through a process of standardization on topics of food safety, product quality, and legal compliance. To obtain a better understanding of this standardization process, write to:

Suppliers standardization for packaging with our brands

All supplier that wish to package their product with our brands must pass a second process of brand standardization, for the purpose of safeguarding the quality of all of the products. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to comply with specific requirements and meet the appropriate quality controls for our standards. To obtain a better understanding of this standardization process, write to: