Today we are one of the largest wholesale distributors of fruit and vegetables in Spain. With an annual product sales volume of 230 thousand tons, we cover a gamut of more than 100 product families of fruit and vegetables from all over the world.

We specialize in the ripening of Plátanos de Canarias, bananas, and other tropical fruits. Moreover, we sell significant numbers of kiwis, citrus fruits, apples, pineapples, grapes, plums, pears, etc.

With offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Tarragona, Lleida, Tenerife and Sevilla we have established a network of storage, ripening, manufacturing, and distribution to provide services to other wholesale companies and every type of retail client, including supermarkets, specialty stores and HORECA (Hotel/Restaurant/Café).


With more than 40 years of experience in the sector, the Fernández family maintains the administration of our company with the intent of offering the best service to our customers and suppliers. Over the past 40 years, our company has grown in size, range of products, production sources, relationships with primary production companies both nationally and internationally, and experience and professionalism of the more than 740 people that make up our team. Today we have a business network of more than 5,000 customers, first-rate facilities, international quality certification from IFS Cash&Carry/Wholesale, and packaging manufacturing services in formats that customers request. In essence, we have all the resources necessary to position ourselves as a model company in the fruit and vegetables distribution sector.


Corporate policy

Hermanos Fernández López is a company committed to the health and well-being of consumers. Since our inception, we produce and market fruit and vegetables from different geographical locations, setting a standard in the wholesale distribution of fruit and vegetables sector.

Our philosophy is based on the following fundamental principles:


1.- Comply with all legal, regulatory, environmental, ethical, labor, safety, and innocuousness requirements in the development of our processes.


2.- With the conviction of marketing healthy foods, we maintain the ongoing intention to grow, and be more competitive and efficient every day in support of our suppliers and customers, always with the fulfillment of the regulation that these establish in our service..


3.- Promote the values, knowledge and attitude in a transversal way to all the people of Hermanos Fernández in favor of food safety associated with the products that we distribute to society.


4.- By being aware of the risks and opportunities of an increasingly interactive world, we believe in Globality, understood to mean the interaction of business, social and cultural relationships provided they promote the improvement and development of its parts.


5.- Commitment to the advancement of the health benefits our products deliver.


6.- In a coordinated effort with customers and suppliers, we promote innovation in any of the areas where we are present, varietal innovation, quality controls, packaging, promotion, etc.


7.- Corporate Social Responsibility. We support projects by Foundations and NGOs that improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged families, as well as projects that care for the environment.


8.- To continuously advance the management model of our company in human resources as well as technology, promoting professionalism and consensus in decision making processes.


9.- Recognition of the effort and dedication of the people that make up this organization. Promote the respect and development of the entire team with the goal of achieving common and personal goals. We watch over the respect among all the people who work in the company and we encourage the development of the whole team in order to achieve personal and common challenges.


10.- Share experience and knowledge both in and out of the organization.


11.- Improvement as the primary value of the organization.


Feliciano Freiría Santos

Managing Director



Social commitment

We consider corporate social responsibility a lever for social progress, the redistribution of wealth, and collective well-being.

Being an organization dedicated to the distribution of fresh products, we make efforts every day to fight against the squandering of food and to achieve a more sustainable and responsible supply chain.


All year-round, we collaborate with several volunteer organizations and highlight their excellent work towards the most disadvantaged members of society.


Our collaboration plans with these organizations are diverse. With some, we establish financial contributions over the year, with others we perform one-time collaborations related to a particular event, and on many other occasions our contribution is based on the donation of fresh fruit and vegetables.


All in all, we try to combine our mission as a business organization with providing supportive services to our society and caring for the environment, in order to be a company allied to the attainment of a better world.



Hermanos Fernández López defends integrity and transparency in business culture, convinced that sustained economic success can only be achieved by complying with legal requirements. That is why we have always insisted on the need for respectful and honest behavior that helps to comply with the existing norms, principles and values ​​established in our Code of Ethics. This code provides guidance and assistance to employees in their everyday situations and in the decision-making process, with examples for better understanding.

We advocate for a corporate culture of compliance with national and international legislation, as well as the internal regulations of Hermanos Fernández López. Therefore, we make available to our clients, employees, business partners and other interested third parties, an ethical channel, managed internally by the Compliance Area of ​​Hermanos Fernández López, so that any interested party aware of the existence in our work environment of Well-founded indications of any irregularity, non-compliance or behavior contrary to the law, to the principles that inspire our Code of Ethics or the regulations that  lead the Company, can be brought to the attention of our Compliance Officer by following the instructions established in the Ethical Channel Regulations . Our reporting system is guided, among others, by the principles of fair procedure, presumption of innocence, proportionality and protection of informants. All complaints received are treated with the utmost confidentiality.


We are pleased to make both documents available to all interested:

Code of Ethics


Ethical Channel Regulations



Our company is structured by storage, ripening, and manufacturing platforms, and a points of sale network in the most important central food markets in Spain. From these platforms, our company handles large distributions…


In order to guarantee the regular supply and quality of our product, the Group directly participates in production. Production plantation properties as well as operating managers work on supply control…


Our faithful commitment to food safety and to an exhaustive control of our organization’s entire operation have allowed us to acquire distinct certifications that guarantee the quality of our products and all of our processes…