Fernández this year we have once again been accredited by Star Fruits® with the official IMPORTERS license for Spain of PinkLady® apples.

The development of the Pink Lady® brand as a premium apple began in the mid-1990s. Today Pink Lady® is one of the best-known fruit brands in the world.

Pink Lady apples are unique:
• Of incomparable color, aromatic, crisp and juicy.
• With balance it is perfect between sweetness and acidity.
• Unmistakable heart-shaped sticker that characterizes them

The Pink Lady® brand guarantee of quality and authenticity is continuously reinforced in the markets through extensive promotional and advertising campaigns and is the preferred choice of consumers who like to enjoy the best apples.

We are proud at Fernández to be part of this great Pink Lady® team, a global team, passionate and aligned to work together for the benefit of this premium brand.